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Our Past Successes With Homicide And Violent Crimes Cases

A Ripley County man was charged with domestic assault first degree and armed criminal action against his own brother, whom he had always had a tumultuous relationship with. After various court hearings, Matthew Radefeld won the preliminary hearing and convinced the prosecuting attorney not to refile charges against the defendant on the condition that he moves out of the joint residence for at least a year.

A St. Louis County woman was charged with three counts of harassment for allegedly writing obscene letters to her ex-boyfriend, his neighbors and friends. There were also allegations of stalking and writing disparaging remarks about the ex-boyfriend on Facebook and LinkedIn. After conducting depositions and a thorough investigation, Matthew Radefeld was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss all charges the weekend before trial was to commence.

Two Jefferson County men were charged with burglary first degree, assault in the second degree and felonious restrain against their sister’s ex-boyfriend who had previously assaulted her. After several court hearings, Matthew Radefeld won the preliminary hearing and convinced the prosecuting attorney not to refile charges against the two men on the condition they stay away from the alleged victim for one year.

A St. Louis County woman accused of trying to run over her neighbor in her car had the charges dismissed against her after two days of jury trial. Matthew Radefeld handled the trial and after cross-examining several witnesses, the prosecutor was willing to dismiss the charges upon completion of an anger management class and 10 hours of community service.

A St. Louis County man was acquitted after a trial of all charges pertaining to a domestic assault and failing to comply with law enforcement officers. Matthew Radefeld handled the defense at trial.

Matthew Radefeld was appointed by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals to represent a defendant in an attempt to get his criminal sentence reduced. Mr. Radefeld was successful in doing so and was able to ultimately get his sentence cut in half.

Two health care workers were accused of voluntary manslaughter surrounding the death of a 16-year-old mental health patient who was in their care. The patient had asphyxiated when being restrained by the workers. Matthew Radefeld was able to convince prosecutors not to issue criminal charges against these workers, however the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services administratively found that they were the perpetrators of abuse and should be put on a neglect and abuse list available to employers in health care. Mr. Radefeld appealed this finding all the way up to the St. Louis County Circuit Court. Mr. Radefeld argued at trial that this was an unfortunate accident, and the health care workers were not to be blamed as they were just doing their jobs and did not utilize unnecessary force during the restraint. The Circuit Court agreed and overturned the decision of the state of Missouri.

A Ferguson man was accused of assaulting his live-in girlfriend. She filed an order of protection against him. Matthew Radefeld handled the defense at the hearing and was able to get the girlfriend’s petition dismissed by the court. Based upon the cross-examination of the girlfriend, Mr. Radefeld was able to show the prosecutors that her claims of abuse were not credible thus preventing criminal charges from being filed against the man.

A non-U.S. citizen health care worker was charged by the St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office with assaulting a mentally handicapped patient. Matthew Radefeld conducted depositions and a thorough investigation into the alleged eye witnesses. Mr. Radefeld was then able to convince the prosecutors that the charges were false, and the witnesses had motives to make these claims against the woman. The charges were ultimately dismissed, which prevented the woman from being deported.

A Jefferson County man was charged with domestic assault and resisting arrest. After depositions of the alleged victim and witnesses were taken, the prosecutors were not confident in going forward with the charges. Matthew Radefeld was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss all charges against the defendant.

Matthew Radefeld was successful in getting a petition for an order of protection dismissed by the court after a full hearing. The petitioner was the girlfriend of the defendant who was accusing him of assaulting her. After cross-examination, Mr. Radefeld was able to show the court that the girlfriend was the initial aggressor, and the defendant didn’t do anything but defend himself against her actions.

A Dent County man was charged with tampering with a judicial officer when he allegedly threatened to kill his probation officer. At preliminary hearing, Matthew Radefeld cross-examined over 10 people and showed the court the problems with the allegations. The court dismissed the charges against the defendant and continued defendant on his probation.

A Franklin County woman was charged with assault second degree after she allegedly tried to hit someone with her car as she sped away from a bar fight. After a preliminary hearing and deposition of the alleged victim, the prosecutors amended the charge to misdemeanor assault, and probation was agreed upon. Matthew Radefeld handled the defense that prevented defendant from going back to prison.

A Velda City police officer was charged in St. Louis County Circuit Court with three counts of assault alleging that he had unlawfully assaulted two juveniles and one adult while he was arresting them. The officer refused to take any deal presented to him by St. Louis County prosecutors. On the morning of trial, defense counsel Matthew Radefeld argued that the matter should be dismissed due to a violation of the statute of limitations, which was granted by the court.

A St. Louis city man and three other motorcycle club members were allegedly involved in a high-speed chase with law enforcement officers with the Crawford County and Franklin County Sheriff’s departments, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The chase lasted over an hour and ended in defendant being found in a person’s detached garage. Upon his arrest, defendant was charged with numerous offenses, including felony resisting arrest, assault of a law enforcement officer first degree, burglary first degree, and numerous traffic offenses in both Crawford and Franklin counties. After various legal arguments in both jurisdictions and after a lengthy preliminary hearing, Matthew Radefeld was able to convince the prosecution that they would not be successful at trial, and the matter should be dismissed because of identification problems by the officers. The prosecutors agreed, and all of the charges were eventually dropped.

St. Louis County wanted to lock a young man up for 20 years for a crime he did not commit. He was charged with assault in the first degree for allegedly shooting another young man at the Jennings High School. Dan Juengel interviewed all of the witnesses personally, took numerous depositions and stressed the problems in the state’s case to the prosecuting attorney’s office. The state finally agreed to amend the charge and grant the young man probation. He currently is at home raising his young child.

Felony gun charges against a St. Louis County man were dismissed by the judge. The man accused had a gun in his car, and the police said that because he had a traffic warrant, he was a fugitive. The attorneys were able to convince the judge that the prosecution was misinterpreting the law.

Armed criminal action and assault second charges were refused by St. Charles County. A man was accused of physically assaulting his girlfriend and a friend, and threatening his girlfriend with a loaded 9mm during an argument. After Frank, Juengel & Radefeld, Attorneys at Law, conducted an investigation into the background of the alleged victims and presented damaging evidence of the alleged victims’ character, charges were refused by the prosecutor.

Assault charges against a St. Louis city man were dismissed by the prosecution. The man was a day care operator charged with assaulting one of the children. After investigation by the Frank, Juengel & Radefeld, Attorneys at Law, the case against him was dismissed.

A St. Louis city man was charged with domestic assault. After pretrial motion hearings, the state dismissed all charges against him. The defense was led by Matthew Radefeld.

A St. Louis city man charged with assault in the second degree was acquitted by a jury. The complaining witness in the case had suffered a broken jaw from the attack, but evidence at the trial was presented that the accused was acting in self-defense. Matthew Radefeld handled the case for the defense.

A prison inmate, who had previously plead guilty to three counts of assault in the first degree and three counts of armed criminal action in the city of St. Louis, was released from his period of incarceration based upon the filing of a habeas corpus petition by the firm. In the hearing on the petition, Matthew Radefeld was successful in arguing that not only was the inmate innocent of these charges, but also the inmate’s former plea of guilt was involuntary and was based upon a false promise made by the Circuit Attorney’s Office. After serving three years of an 11-year sentence, the inmate was released from prison.

The Missouri Court of Appeals for the Eastern District overturned an order of protection against a man accused of stalking his neighbor and the neighbor’s son. The court determined that the circuit judge improperly applied the law and incorrectly granted an order of protection for the neighbor based solely on evidence of stalking the neighbor’s son. Matthew Radefeld handled the case in front of the Missouri Court of Appeals for the Eastern District.

A 21-year-old man was charged with murder and armed criminal action in St. Louis County. The state of Missouri claimed at trial that the defendant argued with the victim and shot him in the head with a .22 caliber revolver. They claimed he hid the revolver and then fled the scene. The man then confessed to the police that he killed the victim. The defense presented a psychiatric defense combined with a defense that the two men struggled over the gun before it accidentally went off. The defendant was found not guilty by the jury. Dan Juengel tried the case for the defense.

The firm defended Harold Richardson (a.k.a. Eddie Belk/Khalid Mahasin) on the charges of murder in the first degree, two counts of armed criminal action, possession of drugs and unlawful use of a weapon. Richardson shot and killed a St. Louis city police officer while the officer and his partner were arresting Richardson on suspicion that he shot a Berkeley police officer two weeks earlier. Richardson was using the alias of Eddie Belk at the time because he had outstanding warrants from California for statutory rape. The state sought the death penalty in this high-profile case. Dan Juengel handled the case with the assistance of Matthew Radefeld. The firm was able to successfully negotiate a plea agreement, saving the defendant’s life and avoiding the death penalty.

Dan Juengel defended a young man accused of murdering an off-duty sheriff from the city of St. Louis. The sheriff was working as a bouncer at a bar off of Manchester Road in St. Louis city. The off-duty sheriff threw the defendant and his friends out of the bar after a disagreement erupted inside the drinking establishment. The state argued that the defendant waited for the off-duty sheriff to leave and then shot him multiple times. The state presented an eyewitness and the defendant’s tape-recorded confession. Dan Juengel attacked the evidence and the confession during the 3 1/2 week trial. The defense presented two alibi witnesses, and the defendant never testified. After two days of deliberation, the jury found the defendant not guilty of all charges.