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Our Past Successes With Criminal Drug Cases

A Gasconade County woman was charged with the federal offense of Conspiracy to Manufacture Marijuana by Producing Marijuana Plants.  Matthew Radefeld was successful in arguing to the Court that the woman deserved to be placed on probation and avoid a federal prison sentence.  The Court agreed with Mr. Radefeld’s arguments and placed her on 3 years of probation with the special condition that she attend and complete a drug treatment program.

A St. Charles County husband and wife were charged in the federal district court in the Eastern of Missouri with Conspiracy to Distribute and Possess with Intent to Distribute Controlled Substances and Controlled Substance Analogues, Conspiracy to Commit Offenses Against the United States, and Conspiracy to Launder Money.  This was a very highly publicized case as there were a total of 30+ co-defendants spread over several federal indictments in several jurisdictions.  After almost three years of litigating the case and conducting numerous and various hearings- Dan Juengel and Matthew Radefeld, who represented the husband and wife, respectively, were both able to convince the District Court judge that they should only receive probation.  The married couple was able to avoid a lengthy federal sentence.

A Boone County National Guardsman was charged with Attempt to Distribute a Controlled Substance when he used a college dating website as a means to sell prescription medications illegally.  The Boone County Sheriff’s Department set up a sting operation and caught the soldier in the act of attempting to sell the drugs.  Matthew Radefeld represented the defendant and was able to convince the Court and the Prosecuting Attorney’s office that the soldier suffered from PTSD from his deployments to Afghanistan and deserved the opportunity to participate in the Veteran’s Treatment Court even though Class B Felonies were not eligible for participation.  The defendant ultimately completed the Treatment Court program and the case was dismissed.  The defendant was  able to maintain his drilling status with the Missouri National Guard.

A Macon County, Missouri man was charged in a multi-defendant methamphetamine drug conspiracy case in the Eastern District of Missouri.  Even though the client refused to cooperate with the prosecutor against his other co-defendants, Matt Radefeld was still able to convince the court to give him probation.  Even though the sentencing guidelines recommended prison time, the Client was able to stay out of prison and try to better his life while being on the outside.

A Jefferson County man borrowing his friend’s truck was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine and hydrocodone. The defense vigorously cross-examined the investigating officer and other officers to show that there was no evidence that defendant knew about the drugs in the borrowed truck. The jury deliberated for less than 12 minutes before coming back with a “not guilty” verdict on all counts. Matthew Radefeld and Mike Murphy handled the defense at trial.

The FBI charged 16 people with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and heroin in a drug operation that spread between Dallas, Atlanta and St. Louis. Matthew Radefeld was successful in obtaining probation for a defendant who had refused to cooperate in the investigation of the case and would not take a negotiated plea with the prosecutor.

A Madison County, Illinois, man was stopped by Illinois State Police Troopers after an alleged anonymous tip that he was transporting a kilo of marijuana and money. The man was charged with unlawful possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. After months of hearings and investigations, the matter was set for trial. At the motion to suppress evidence hearing, the matter was dismissed by the prosecutors due to issues with the arresting officer’s statements. Matthew Radefeld handled the matter for the defense.

A 22-year-old man was arrested by the Maryland Heights Police Department after the police entered into his apartment because they believed it had been burglarized. Inside the apartment, they found drugs and various drug paraphernalia. The defendant and his cousin were both inside and were subsequently arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Defendant was adamant that the police entered unlawfully and that there was no reason to believe that his apartment had been broken into. He wanted a trial to prove this injustice. Matthew Radefeld filed a motion to suppress evidence, and on cross-examination the police officer significantly changed his original story. After argument and prior to trial, Frank, Juengel & Radefeld, Attorneys at Law, convinced the court that the police had acted unlawfully and the evidence was thrown out. The prosecution immediately dismissed their case.

A St. Louis woman was charged with a Class B felony, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, for smuggling a controlled substance into the Missouri Department of Corrections in southern Missouri to give to an inmate. The government took a strong stance on behalf of the prison lobby and refused to recommend probation and wanted her to do at least four months in prison. Attorneys filed a motion for change of venue in order to obtain a more favorable setting and prepared a thorough sentencing argument on behalf of the young lady. At sentencing, the judge was convinced that the first-time offender only made a stupid mistake, hurt nobody and should be given a second chance. She was given probation without receiving a felony conviction or any jail time whatsoever.

A 23-year old St. Louis County man was granted probation by a federal court judge for his role in a conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine case. Matthew Radefeld handled the case for the defense.

A 20-year-old man was accused of refusing a chemical test to determine the drug content in his blood, facing an automatic one-year revocation of his license. Frank, Juengel & Radefeld, Attorneys at Law, successfully argued that he was not adequately warned of the consequences of refusing the blood test, and therefore the Department of Revenue could not revoke his license.

A St. Charles man was charged with possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute, which carried a punishment range of five to 15 years in prison. The man was accused of selling marijuana out of his apartment. The St. Charles County Drug Task Force searched his apartment and found 110 grams of marijuana. After investigating and researching the case, the charges were amended right before preliminary hearing and the man pled guilty to two misdemeanor possession charges. He received no conviction and two years’ private probation.

Drug trafficking and possession with intent to distribute charges were dismissed against a 55-year-old St. Louis County man who was accused of being a heroin dealer. Dan Juengel filed and argued a motion to dismiss, which was granted by the judge.

A St. Louis County man was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance after the police had conducted a traffic stop of his automobile. At his preliminary hearing, Matthew Radefeld was successful in getting the charges dismissed after his cross-examination of the police officers. Then several years later the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Office reissued the same charges against him. Matthew Radefeld filed a motion to dismiss based upon a violation of the statute of limitations and was successful. The state had pled the man as a prior and persistent drug offender. Because of this dismissal, he was saved from a possible 15-year prison sentence.

A Castle Point man was set up by an undercover police officer and had Class A felony drug sale charges filed against him. After investigation by Dan Juengel and evidence that undermined the police officer’s version of the incident, the prosecutor dropped the felony charge. He instead offered a misdemeanor and a fine, which the defendant, a prior drug offender, readily accepted.

A 20-year-old charged with felony possession of drugs in St. Louis County was cleared after his preliminary hearing. Dan Juengel cross-examined the Shrewsbury police officer at the hearing and argued for the dismissal, which was granted by the judge.

A 28-year-old man charged in St. Louis County with possession of methamphetamine after his car was stopped by the police was cleared of the charges. Dan Juengel cross-examined the police officer at the preliminary hearing and established that the drugs were really possessed by the passenger and not Mr. Juengel’s client. The court dismissed the charge.

A housewife from southern Illinois was arrested and charged in St. Louis County with possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. Daniel Juengel filed a motion to suppress challenging the constitutionality of the automobile stop and arrest of his client. Mr. Juengel cross-examined the police officers at the motion hearing and argued the case to the court. The judge ruled in favor of the defense and threw out all of the evidence. After this ruling, the state had no choice but to dismiss the case against the woman since they could not use any of the illegally obtained evidence.

A Lincoln County man’s home was searched after a local associate judge issued a search warrant. The searching officers located marijuana and money in the man’s safe. The man was charged with possession of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute in the Circuit Court in Lincoln County. Daniel Juengel filed a motion to suppress evidence. After a hearing conducted by Mr. Juengel, the circuit judge threw out the evidence. The prosecuting attorney subsequently appealed the case. Daniel Juengel argued the case to the Missouri Court of Appeals for the Eastern District. The Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the defense upholding the suppression of evidence. Thereafter, the state dismissed the charges against the defendant.

A St. Louis city woman was charged with trafficking drugs in the second degree and possession of marijuana after city police kicked in the door to her house pursuant to a search warrant. Dan Juengel conducted pretrial depositions and cross-examined the two main detectives involved in the search. The Friday before trial, the assistant circuit attorney dropped all the charges against the woman. The pretrial cross-examination of the officers undermined the state’s case; thus they dismissed the charges.

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