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Holding Companies Responsible For Negligent Workplace Security

Incidents of violence in the workplace can be just as traumatic as other violent acts. It can occur between co-workers, bosses and employees, visitors and employees, and on-site third parties and employees. Vendors, suppliers and clients may also be involved in workplace violence. In some cases, the employer may be sued directly for negligence that leads to a workplace crime.

In workplace violence cases, there may be multiple negligent parties that are liable for your losses. The attorneys at Frank, Juengel & Radefeld, Attorneys at Law, in St. Louis, work to help you obtain justice and compensation. We will investigate your case to determine if there is any employer negligence, adequate security or additional negligent third parties.

If we find evidence of negligence that was a contributing factor in your case, we can file a civil suit against the negligent party. Damages that we recover can help you pay for medical care and counseling, and compensate for lost wages.

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