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Our Past Successes With Property Crime Cases

A Williamson County, IL man was charged with a Class 1 Felony of Residential Arson in Jefferson County, IL for allegedly starting a fire in the marital residence that was occupied by his estranged wife and her new boyfriend.  After a four-day trial the Jefferson County jury deliberated for 90 minutes before acquitting the man on these serious charges.  The biggest turning point in the case was when the prosecutor’s Arson Investigator was caught in many inconsistencies and conclusions that were refuted by photographic evidence.   Matthew Radefeld represented the man during the course of the jury trial.

A Greene County woman was charged with Theft of Government Funds in excess of $100,000 stemming from her receipt of Social Security (Disability) payments.  The defendant was accused of falsifying her Continuing Disability forms, including but not limited to denial of any additional income outside of her Disability payments; however, the defendant made in excess of $100,000 from her employment as a bond bailsman.  Matthew Radefeld represented the defendant and was able to convince the prosecution to amend the matter to a federal misdemeanor and give her two years of probation.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Missouri filed Wire Fraud charges against a St. Louis County woman who was accused of stealing over $200,000 from her employer over a several year time frame.  Matthew Radefeld represented the defendant and was able to present to the District Court expert evidence demonstrating that the defendant suffered from a compulsive behavioral disorder that was the mitigating factor in her crimes.  The Court sentenced the defendant to five years’ probation with various special conditions, including the payment of restitution and mental health treatment.

A contractor with a U.S. governmental agency was charged by federal prosecutors with felony destruction of government records.  Throughout the case there were contradictory statements by witnesses and the defendant as to whether or not the act was malicious or simply an inadvertent mistake.  Unfortunately, the government records were historical documents that should not have even been in a place to have that sort of potential mistake to even take place.  The prosecutors vigorously argued that the defendant should be placed in prison; however, Matthew Radefeld was able to convince the District Court judge that probation would be a more suitable option.  Luckily, the Court agreed with the defendant’s arguments at sentencing and placed him on a three-year period of probation.  It was a very unusual case, but one that the federal government took very seriously.

Forgery charges in St. Louis County were dismissed against a 36-year old woman from St. Peters.  The woman was accused of passing counterfeit checks at Chesterfield Mall, when purchasing clothing and other items.  The defense knocked out the case based on the state’s statute of limitations.  Dan Juengel handled the matter for the defense.

A Florida man was charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud in connection with a nationwide timeshare telemarketing scheme. The Southern District of Illinois United States attorneys fiercely argued that the defendant should go to prison for his role in unlawfully obtaining millions of dollars from vulnerable persons. However, Matthew Radefeld was able to convince the District Court to give him one day credit for time in jail and place him on supervised release for two years.A St. Louis County man was charged with two counts of stealing over $25,000 and faced 30 years in prison. He was accused of stealing money from his elderly aunt for whom he was her power of attorney. After numerous court proceedings and thorough investigation, Matthew Radefeld was able to convince the prosecuting attorney that they would not be successful at trial. The case was dismissed upon the payment of court costs.A woman from Indiana was indicted by federal prosecutors with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud for her role with a Florida company that stole millions of dollars in a timeshare telemarketing scam. After entering a plea of guilty, she received one day in jail with credit for time served and placed on two years’ supervised release. Matthew Radefeld handled the case for the defense and was able to thwart the United States attorney’s attempt to throw her into prison.

A St. Louis city man was wrongfully charged with property damage for breaking down the door of his house in a domestic dispute. Numerous motions citing applicable case law that showed the state’s theory of prosecution was simply not supported by a proper legal argument were filed on the defendant’s behalf by Frank, Juengel & Radefeld, Attorneys at Law. On the morning of trial, the state finally gave in and filed a dismissal.

An employee of a federal contracting corporation was charged with identity theft in regard to using her ex-husband’s bank account number to make a payment to a credit card company in order to pay off marital debt. After a year of hearings, depositions and discussions with the prosecutors, Matthew Radefeld set the matter for trial. Mr. Radefeld had the case dismissed due to the state’s failure to prosecute on the day of trial.

A woman from Orlando, Florida, was charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud in connection with a timeshare telemarketing scheme that had netted over $30 million in a five-year time period. Although the prosecutors were asking for over seven years in the Bureau of Prisons, Matthew Radefeld was able to obtain a 30-month sentence after presenting vital mitigating evidence during a very lengthy sentencing hearing.

A Warren County man was sentenced in federal court to one year plus a day in the Bureau of Prisons for three counts of attempted damage or destruction by means of fire or an explosive of a building or personal property. The federal prosecutors wanted the man to serve over eight years in prison; however, after a very lengthy sentencing hearing, Matthew Radefeld was able to convince the court to give the significantly reduced sentence.

A St. Louis city man was charged with felony stealing and was facing up to seven years in prison. The case arose out of a sloppy and unorganized business transaction at a city auction. Frank, Juengel & Radefeld, Attorneys at Law, conducted several depositions in the matter and stressed the weakness of the state’s case. The circuit attorney’s office dismissed the charge after being advised of what really happened.

Two Las Vegas, Nevada individuals were sought by federal agents in their connection to a timeshare marketing business that had scammed millions of dollars from individuals all across the country. After a thorough investigation and discussions with the U.S. attorney’s office, Matthew Radefeld was successful in getting charges reduced against these individuals.

There were a string of armed robberies being committed against individuals who were sitting at St. Louis city bus stops. Eventually three young men were arrested for these offenses and charged with ten counts of robbery and ten counts of armed criminal action. Each count carried a potential life sentence. Matthew Radefeld represented one of the young men and argued to the sentencing court that drug addiction and a horrific childhood led to this teenager’s involvement in these crimes. The circuit attorneys asked for a 20-year sentence that would have required the defendant to serve 85 percent of his sentence. However, Mr. Radefeld was able to obtain probation on all of the robbery counts and eight years on the armed criminal action counts, which do not require 85 percent.

A Galesburg, Illinois, man was charged with several offenses pertaining to his supervisory role in an apparent religious order that received tens of thousands of dollars in charitable gifts over a 20-year period. The state’s attorney’s office had been trying to go after this man and his group for years. On the morning of trial, defense attorney, Matthew Radefeld announced ready for trial and after discussions with the prosecutors dismissed all charges against the defendant.

A St. Louis city man was facing first-degree tampering with motor vehicle charges and facing up to seven years in prison. He worked at a tow company and was simply repossessing a vehicle as part of his job. Frank, Juengel & Radefeld, Attorneys at Law, promptly subpoenaed records from the finance company that showed the “victim” was three months behind on her payments and that the defendant had been wrongfully charged for simply doing his job. The circuit attorney had no choice but to dismiss the case once a full investigation had been done by the firm.

Matthew Radefeld was asked by a bank to use his litigation skills against a St. Louis County developer whom the bank had loaned a significant amount of money. After trial, Mr. Radefeld was able to secure a verdict in favor of the bank with damages of over $1.3 million.

Felony forgery charges were dismissed against a Callaway County man. The defense, handled by Matthew Radefeld, was able to convince the prosecutor that their case would not survive a jury trial because the alleged victim was incapacitated and could not prove that she had not given permission to the defendant to use her credit cards and checking account.

A man from Affton, Missouri, was charged with several counts of stealing over $500 from allegedly stealing tools and lawn mowers from his neighbors’ garages. After a preliminary hearing, all charges were dismissed. Matthew Radefeld handled the preliminary hearing and was eventually successful in getting the arrest of this man expunged from his record due to the fact that his arrest had been based on false information.

An employee of a large supermarket chain was accused of stealing money from the company. Frank, Juengel & Radefeld, Attorneys at Law, was hired to defend the employee at jury trial. After a thorough investigation and preparation for trial, the Monroe County State’s Attorney’s Office dismissed the charge the morning of trial. The employee was referred to a civil attorney for wrongful termination from the company. Matthew Radefeld handled the case for the defense.

A young man vehemently denied his involvement after being wrongfully charged with felony stealing of a motor vehicle. At jury trial, defendant testified convincingly on his own behalf along with several other defense witnesses. Dan Juengel presented a persuasive case of how a rushed identification and sloppy police work can lead to an innocent man being charged with something he did not do. 12 members of St. Louis County agreed. They found him not guilty in just under 25 minutes.

A woman in Collinsville, Illinois, had her house seized after her ex-husband had been caught cultivating over 400 marijuana plants in the basement. The federal government seized the home, and initiated civil and criminal forfeiture proceedings on the property. After many legal battles, Matthew Radefeld was successful in getting the criminal forfeiture action dismissed when the federal court granted the summary judgment motion. After the success of this motion, the government was quick to dismiss the civil forfeiture once Frank, Juengel & Radefeld, Attorneys at Law, requested a jury trial.

A trustee of a neighborhood subdivision committee was accused of embezzling a very large sum of money. After conducting an internal audit of the subdivision’s accounts, thorough investigation of the accusations and negotiations with the other trustees, Matthew Radefeld was able to prevent criminal charges from being filed against this St. Peters man.

A St. Louis city man was charged with passing counterfeit checks in a scheme that occurred at numerous Schnucks grocery stores across the St. Louis area. Matthew Radefeld handled the defense and successfully argued to the court various mitigating factors in the man’s life. Over the prosecutor’s arguments, the court sentenced the man to one day in jail with three years of supervised release.

All charges against a Staunton, Illinois, woman were dismissed the day before a jury was to decide her fate on charges of aggravated possession of stolen firearms (a Class 1 felony) and theft over $300. Matthew Radefeld was able to convince the state’s attorney that not only was there an improper motive by the complaining witness who fiercely pushed the prosecution, but also that the case was weak and that the defendant would prevail at trial.

Two counts of robbery in the second-degree filed against a 21-year-old St. Louis County man were thrown out. Dan Juengel tried the preliminary hearing and cross-examined the two alleged victims. After hearing the testimony and evaluating the evidence, the court dismissed both counts over objection of the state.

A robbery charge was dismissed against a 30-year-old Belleville, Illinois, man who was accused of forcibly stealing money from a man at gunpoint. Matthew Radefeld handled the case for the defense.

A St. Louis County man was charged with passing a bad check. After reviewing the file, Frank, Juengel & Radefeld, Attorneys at Law, discovered the prosecution had significant legal issues with its case. After the defense filed motions, the prosecution dismissed the charges.

A St. Louis city man was charged with receiving stolen property in Crawford County. The defendant was on a boat trip down the Meramec River when he was stopped by the police for a peace disturbance. After searching the defendant, the officers found a firearm in his possession that was later determined to be stolen. Matthew Radefeld argued the case at preliminary hearing, where he cross-examined the police officers and proved to the court that the prosecutor could not establish the necessary probable cause that defendant knew the weapon had been stolen.

A St. Louis County man was charged in St. Louis City Circuit Court with five felony counts of stealing over $750 by deceit and one misdemeanor count of stealing under $750. The defendant, while on parole for a murder conviction, was accused of renting multiple condemned properties to tenants and keeping the money. Four co-defendants were charged in the alleged scheme. The case received significant publicity when the charges were issued, but no publicity when all the charges were dropped. Dan Juengel handled the case for the firm and was instrumental in procuring the dismissal of all charges.

A Warren County man was charged with tampering in the first degree for allegedly stealing a bulldozer and using it to get his friend’s vehicle out of a creek bed. At the preliminary hearing, Matthew Radefeld cross-examined the arresting police officer and the owner of the bulldozer. The testimony showed the court that there was no credible evidence and no witnesses who could link the defendant to the offense. The court dismissed the case, which rarely happens in Warren County.

Burglary and stealing charges filed against a 22-year-old woman from Country Club Hills were dismissed when defense counsel, Dan Juengel, filed and argued a motion based on a violation of the statute of limitations. The judge ruled in favor of the defense, threw out both counts and discharged the defendant.

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