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We Fight For Dog Bite Victims' Rights To Compensation

In a split second, a child’s life can be forever changed by a dog bite. These injuries are no joke, and can leave lasting physical and emotional injuries on all victims, especially children. The dog or animal owner must take responsibility for the actions of the animal and is liable for compensating the victim for their losses.

After a dog bite, your injury should be evaluated and treated by medical personnel. Also, any evidence must be preserved in order to build a case against the owner of the dog or animal that bit you. We can begin gathering evidence and investigating the case immediately after being retained as your legal counsel.

At Frank, Juengel & Radefeld, Attorneys at Law, in St. Louis, our lawyers provide comprehensive and aggressive representation to victims who have been injured by a dog or other animal. There are a lot of state and municipal laws that govern animal control, such as harboring a dangerous animal, leash laws and premises liability laws, and we can help you understand who may be liable for the injuries you or a loved one suffered.

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Our attorneys represent dog bite victims in Missouri and Illinois. For a free confidential consultation, please call us today at 314-530-4385, or contact us online.

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