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Here To Help When Someone Is Injured Due To 'Negligent Entrustment'

If a person loans someone a gun or other dangerous weapon, and that person injures a third party, it is called “negligent entrustment.” An automobile, a gun, a knife or any other inherently dangerous object may be involved in a negligent entrustment case. If an adult lets a potentially dangerous instrument be used by someone who really shouldn’t be trusted with it, they should be held liable for their negligent actions.

It is a difficult legal concept to grasp that a person who gave a car or firearm to whoever injured you or killed your family member could be held civilly responsible for their acts. That is why you need to talk to an attorney at Frank, Juengel & Radefeld, Attorneys at Law, immediately so that you can explore your civil remedies as a victim or survivor of these related criminal actions.

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