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An Assertive Response To Domestic Violence Charges

Conflict within families is inevitable. Many heated arguments or incidents carry no criminal justice implications whatsoever. But what do you do when police or prosecutors say you crossed a line and accuse you of domestic violence?

At Frank, Juengel & Radefeld, Attorneys at Law, in St. Louis, our attorneys can help you respond to such accusations in effective ways. We use skills developed over decades of experience to defend our clients in strategic ways, always focused on advocating for your best interests.

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What Happened And How Do You Respond?

Family violence incidents often concern couples who are at odds with each other. Some are married, some are divorced and others have never been married. Others may never have ever really been together, except as occasional sexual partners.

Regardless of relationship status, there may be allegations of sexual assault, assault and battery, stalking, harassment or other violent prohibited acts. In some cases, one party may seek a protective order from the court against the other.

Where children are involved, there may be issues of child abuse that arise, with possible intervention by child welfare agencies.

Take Action To Defend Against The Charges

As the gold standard for St. Louis defense firms, our attorneys know how to protect the rights of our clients in domestic abuse and other family violence cases, no matter what the precise charges are. We use our experience to take a proactive approach, seeking to resolve the issues in positive ways.

Sometimes this means aggressively challenging the evidence, demanding that charges be dismissed or reduced. Other times it may mean working quietly behind the scenes to minimize the consequences to our client through an alternative sentence such as a period of probation that includes anger management counseling.

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