Know What You Are Facing With Orders Of Protection

You should not simply accept the restraining order that someone is seeking against you. Just because he or she has made claims does not mean those claims are true.

At Frank, Juengel & Radefeld, Attorneys at Law, we have the skill and experience that will fight to block the order and protect your freedoms. Based in St. Louis, we provide representation in Missouri, Illinois and federal courts across the nation.

Making Good Choices When Responding To Protective Orders

Following allegations of domestic violence, one party often files for an order of protection against the other individual, whether the violence has been proven or not. These can range from interaction between significant others, husbands and wives, to neighbors who allege stalking.

We typically recommend to a client who is seeking a denial of the order that he or she allow us to litigate the protection order hearing due to the potential for obtaining valuable evidentiary material during the matter. Our attorneys will be able to cross-examine the alleged victim and possibly obtain inconsistent statements, or other information, that can later be used to cross-examine the alleged victim at any future criminal proceeding.

We commit ourselves to providing you with the best criminal defense from top St. Louis attorneys. Our firm is highly experienced at representing the best interests of our clients in these cases and in defending against violent crime charges more generally.

How A Restraining Order Could Affect You

If someone is successful in establishing an order of protection against you, you will immediately lose certain freedoms. You will lose the civil right to possess a firearm on a federal level. Also, should you encounter the other individual in public, you will be required to leave the place, or the person has the option to call the police on you.

We understand the implications of an order of protection, as well as a potential order that will affect future legal proceedings. It is important that you turn to trusted legal counsel as soon as an order of protection becomes a possibility.

Get A Proven Law Firm On Your Side

Our lawyers provide each client a free phone consultation to fully understand the exact circumstances and details of his or her case to determine the best possible course of action. We understand the enormity of the situation to you, and we are committed to guiding you through this difficult time, providing all possible answers and information.

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