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Facing marijuana drug charges in Missouri: drug court

The last article discussed the different types of charges for marijuana possession. Sometimes the users of marijuana and other controlled substances have an addiction and would benefit more from help than confinement.

The courts recognize this and have put additional measures in place that can help such people recover and become productive members of society. Drug court is a strong component to these efforts.

Facing marijuana drug charges in Missouri: types

Over the last few years, various law professionals have been working together to improve the sentencing for marijuana charges. Thankfully, their efforts are resulting in regulations that are not so harsh for first-time and minor offenders.

However, those individuals who are guilty of possessing marijuana will still have to face those charges. The penalty depends upon the type of charge that parties face. 

Is the government pursuing you for suspected mail fraud?

If you face accusations of mail fraud and indicted on federal charges, the government will be relentless when the court case against you takes place.

Mail fraud takes many forms, and you may or may not have run afoul of the law. In any case, you will need legal representation in order to deal successfully with the U.S. government.

What is entrapment

If you face federal drug or fraud charges, entrapment may be one of the defenses available to you. It is important to understand that effective use of this defense involves many nuances.

The legal definition of entrapment can differ greatly from popular understanding. An experienced criminal defense attorney can evaluate the facts of your case and come up with strategies designed for optimal effect.

Understanding federal wire fraud charges

Wire fraud is a federal crime that consists of using an interstate communications device in the course of pursuing a scheme to defraud a person or entity of any type of item of value. Even though the law refers to the crime as wire fraud, it also includes wireless communications such as cell phones.

Calling, texting or e-mailing as part of a scheme to defraud can trigger this federal charge.


On January 1, 2018, the new Missouri expungement law becomes effective that will allow persons who have been arrested, pled guilty or even convicted of certain criminal offenses have these matters expunged from their permanent record.

Children can face adult criminal charges and sentences

Children are known to make mistakes. However, there are some mistakes that warrant a hefty punishment. When a child commits a violent crime, criminal charges may follow.

Some offenses may lead to a child standing as an adult at trial. In such instances, there are a few important factors to be aware of.

The impact of domestic violence charges

Domestic violence is a serious concern and includes more than just physical abuse. Whether the assumed victim decides to press charges or not, the prosecution may decide to file domestic violence charges when possible evidence is present.

If you or a loved one face charges of domestic violence, it is important that you understand what all the charges entail. There are a few areas that such charges may affect.

3 things you should know about conspiracy charges

It would seem that if a crime does not take place, no criminal charges would, either. On the contrary, you can find yourself slapped with conspiracy charges, which indicate that at least two people have agreed to commit a crime. Courts might prosecute this offense as a misdemeanor or a felony, but in either case, you should be aware of several factors that can impact you and your defense.

According to the Missouri Revised Statutes, a person may be guilty of a crime simply by conspiring to commit it. Still, conspiracy charges often lack the evidential support that prosecution may possess in the event of an actual crime. Consider the following three facts if you are facing charges of conspiracy.

Key elements of the new castle doctrine

People desire to protect their homes and loved ones. With the relevance of violent and property crimes in today's society, it is understandable why some individuals lean towards firearms as a means of protection.

In the state of Missouri, the Castle Doctrine regulates how and when individuals may legally operate firearms for protection. With the implementation of changes in the law, there are a few key elements that individuals should be aware of.

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