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The constructs of an embezzlement case

Though embezzlement is a nonviolent crime, it is still a serious form of criminal activity. As such, those facing such charges may have to withstand serious penalties if they receive a guilty verdict.

To decide the best course of action when facing these serious federal charges, it is important to understand the different aspects of the process. There are a few key parts to an embezzlement case.

Missouri man frightens alleged porch pirate via video doorbell

Those approaching the door of a home in Missouri would do well to smile; they might just be on camera. Video doorbells that connect to Wi-Fi and send an alert to homeowners' smartphones when someone approaches the door are increasingly popular. Proponents of the technology tout it as a theft deterrent and claim that it is particularly effective against a specific type of theft known colloquially as porch piracy, which occurs when a thief steals a newly delivered package off someone else's front porch. 

Video doorbell technology allows the homeowner to see who is approaching the house even from miles away. One Kansas City man was in Colorado doing Christmas shopping while on a family vacation but was still able to use an alarm component of his video doorbell technology to frighten away a man whom he suspected of attempting to steal a package on his porch.

Voters focus on important matter for convicted criminal offenders

We note a key point concerning the long-enduring consequences of a criminal record on our website at the established St. Louis criminal defense law firm of Frank, Juengel & Radefeld. We state therein that, "A criminal charge on your record creates not only current legal anguish, but can work against you far into the future."

That is a flat fact voiced by proven legal counsel rather than an opinion. Indeed, defendants often lament the lasting stigma and challenges thrown up by a conviction, especially in the wake of sentences already served.

Retraining your mind to deal with anger effectively

If you have found yourself serving time behind bars in Missouri for your involvement in a violent crime, chances are some pretty significant events in your life led up to that situation. At Frank, Juengel & Radefeld Attorneys at Law, we are committed to defending people who have been accused of committing a crime. 

If your violent behavior stemmed from your inability to control your temper when you feel angry, part of your recovery may require you to become involved in some type of therapy that educates you about how to deal with anger and other strong emotions in a way that is effective and healthy. Relearning behaviors such as that will require time, patience and commitment to change. 

Do I have to get out of my vehicle during a traffic stop?

If an officer asks for you or your passengers to get out of the vehicle during a DUI sobriety checkpoint or traffic stop, should you comply?

Whether or not you are in actual violation of traffic or some other law, you have rights that apply to DUI traffic stops.

What is pink heroin?

While there is no doubt the opioid epidemic is sweeping the country, fighting it has been very difficult. Missouri is not immune to the challenges of keeping residents away from opioids and preventing overdoses and deaths. Things get more complicated when people find alternative ways to get access to these drugs. One such case is pink heroin.

According to NBC News, pink heroin is a mix of heroin and a drug referred to as pink or pink elephant. The proper chemical name for it is U-47700. This drug is eight times stronger than regular heroin. It can cause an overdose from just a small speck. It is highly dangerous and also very easy to get.

MO law enforcers will certainly scrutinize this state's DUI tale

Sometimes the mistakes that police officers or other criminal justice officials make in Missouri and elsewhere in drunk driving cases are narrowly confined, though still significant.

On other occasions, they are writ large and have spillover effects of significant proportions. Just ask New Jersey law enforcers about that.

Man committed murder after significant pressure from girlfriend

When violent crimes are committed, one of two outcomes may sometimes happen: first, investigators may spend weeks, months or even years trying to track down a suspect and the perpetrator may never be found. Second, investigators may immediately find the person responsible for the crime, but the evidence may point to another person who played a more significant role in masterminding the crime. In these situations, both parties may be charged with their involvement in the crime in Missouri. 

In a case that captured national attention, a man and woman were charged with murdering the woman's mother in what appeared to be a plot to live out their fantasy relationship that was highly secretive. However, it was not discovered until investigators began taking a closer look into the woman's complicated and fictitious upbringing that they realized that the story was much darker than previously understood. 

Can you overcome the consequences of a DUI conviction?

If you have been convicted of a DUI offense in Missouri, chances are your life has been turned upside-down. While you are coping with the legal consequences of your actions, you may have also lost the trust of your family, friends and employer. Rebuilding your reputation and overcoming the stigma of driving drunk is going to take you some time as you show the people you care about that you are committed to implementing a lifestyle change. 

As you begin tackling the consequences of your poor decision, there are several things that you can do to facilitate the process of overcoming the difficult circumstances you are currently in. According to USA Today, some of the things you can do include the following:

  • Consider participating in a rehab program where you can have the support of other individuals who are going through a similar situation. You can also have the help of educated professionals who can provide you with advice and guidance as you work to overcome your weaknesses. 
  • Show remorse for your actions and apologize to anyone who you may have affected by your decision to drive under the influence. 
  • Rely on the support of family and friends who care about you and your wellbeing. Accept their advice and show effort in overcoming the consequences of your actions. 
  • Spend time doing things you enjoy or take up a new hobby. This may be a healthy and productive way to get your mind off your current situation while doing something that encourages creativity and enjoyment. 

Forensic accounting takes on larger role in fraud investigations

Forensic accounting has begun to play a much more significant role in many criminal cases. When accused of a crime, it is vital to plan for this investigation to develop a more thorough defense.

Many companies employ forensic accountants to find any irregularities or signs of fraud. In many cases, these accountants go through transactions to find any signs that abuse or misuse has occurred. Investigations can often unearth clues that could provide the evidence necessary to convict a person or let someone off the hook.

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