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Avoid these mistakes if you’re under criminal investigation

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2024 | Criminal Law |

Facing investigation for a crime can be a frightening experience. As a result, some people react in ways that they come to regret.

If you’re under investigation, some of the actions you might consider could lead to further criminal charges, ones that could stick even if the authorities never end up charging you with the alleged crime they were investigating you for.

Destroying evidence

Evidence plays a key role in successful prosecutions. So, you might assume that eliminating evidence will reduce the ability of the prosecution to achieve a conviction. It will to a degree, but there may still be other evidence that a court considers sufficient. Or, as happens to some people, their attempts to destroy a piece of evidence are not thorough enough, and someone manages to recover a copy to use against them anyway. Most importantly, destroying or tampering with evidence can result in its own serious charges, so it’s not something you should engage in.

Lying under oath

While the number of people charged with perjury is relatively low, it’s always possible a court will uphold its threat to charge you with it should it suspect you are not being truthful after having taken an oath to say you will be. There is no point in lying to protect yourself or someone else. Staying silent, however, is not an offense under most circumstances.

If the authorities wish to charge you, don’t just do what you think is best. Instead, seek legal guidance from someone who understands criminal law and can help you execute appropriate defense strategies and avoid inappropriate actions that could make your situation worse.