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A drug conspiracy charge can involve as few as two people

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2019 | Drug Crimes |

When a news item about a drug conspiracy turns up, it often involves a “ring” or a large group of conspirators, and thousands if not millions of dollars in potential profits.

However, a drug conspiracy may only involve as few as two people willing to act as partners in the crime. Anyone else charged may simply have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A tacit agreement

A formal agreement is not necessary for conspirators to enter into a drug trafficking plan together. For example, several people may meet to discuss the idea and the agreement for everyone to go ahead with the plan becomes implied because of interest in attending the meeting. If eventually charged with drug conspiracy, each participant’s intention becomes key in the eyes of the court.

The association factor

The court will want evidence that everyone involved in the drug conspiracy desired the same outcome. However, some people stumble into illegal activities without knowing what is going on. For example, despite the warnings of airport security personnel, some travelers still agree to carry aboard a bag belonging to a perfect stranger who offers some sort of excuse in asking for help. Unfortunately, federal authorities may be waiting for just this kind of situation to develop, resulting in the arrest of an innocent person on drug conspiracy charges. Some people even face prison time because they had a close, innocent association with drug traffickers.

Next steps

Many drug conspiracy charges develop around the illegal sale of cocaine, heroin and meth, all of which make up the foundation for the current war on drugs. In terms of a successful defense, a thorough investigation of the kinds of drugs involved, the circumstances surrounding the arrest and whether the defendant was directly involved in the illegal activities will go forward.

Knowledge of the federal court process, prosecutorial procedures and sentencing guidelines prove valuable in reaching the best outcome for a drug conspiracy case, whether it involves a large ring of co-conspirators or only two people.