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When assault charges arise over false claims

On Behalf of | May 5, 2019 | Violent Crimes |

Our blog covers a number of topics related to assault, but every case is different and some people find themselves in especially frustrating and complicated situations. For example, some people are falsely accused of assault, and even though these charges may be based on lies, the consequences can be dire if the case is not approached properly. We will look into some of the reasons behind false allegations of assault as well as the way in which those facing charges may want to handle their circumstances.

Baseless assault charges may surface for countless reasons. For example, someone may start a fight and threaten another person’s safety. When the person who is being attacked acts in self-defense, they may be accused of wrongdoing even though they were trying to protect themselves. Or, false assault charges may come up following the end of a relationship, such as an ex who wants to get back at their former partner by claiming that they were assaulted in a violent manner. These are just some of the reasons why assault charges may arise even though the person who has been accused is not guilty of any wrongdoing.

Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding assault charges can make it very hard for people to defend themselves in this position. It is pivotal to carefully examine the details of the case and do all you can to prove that you are innocent, as tough as that can be. We discuss many other topics related to assault charges on our blog.