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Defenders Of The Accused
Matthew Radefeld & Dan Juengel

Missouri man arrested, charged with promoting child pornography

| Feb 9, 2012 | Child Pornography |

People who are charged with child pornography crimes are almost instantly assumed to be guilty by many in their community. Readers in Missouri need to look no further than comments posted to online articles about arrests that have been made to see the general attitude people have about suspects in child pornography crimes.

The fact of the matter is, people who are charged with these crimes are still entitled to have their day in court. Investigators are not judges, and newspaper readers are not jurors. However, with the large amount of publicity these cases get, it might seem that way sometimes.

A man in Cooper County, Missouri was arrested this week on charges of promoting child pornography. Investigators from the Cyber Crimes Task Force began investigating the 32-year-old man late last year when it was reported that child pornography was being made available from a computer in the area.

After downloading files, officers went to the man’s home and served a search warrant. Several items of computer equipment were taken, and investigators claim to have found in excess of 80 files containing child pornography. The man was arrested a few days later. He now is in jail in Boone County, Missouri, on $40,000 bond and has been ordered not to use the Internet or a computer for any reason.

The charges that have been levied against the man are serious. In order to offer a vigorous defense, he would be advised to work with an attorney experienced in child pornography and sex crimes defense.

Source: Connect MidMissouri, “Boonville man charged with supplying child porn to mid-Missouri,” Dori Olmos, Feb. 7, 2012