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Heroin, fentanyl and meth: scope of use in Missouri

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Drug Crimes |

One nondebatable fact about drugs like meth and fentanyl is that the consequences of their use spread far and wide. Thus, what happens three hours to the south in Springfield will eventually affect St. Louis residents.

According to one media source, last year the authorities in Springfield seized almost four times the amount of fentanyl and heroin they confiscated the prior year. Even though the 17 lbs. the police seized probably broke previous records, it’s merely a drop in the bucket of the total drugs brought over the Mexican border to America’s heartland.

It doesn’t take much to catch a drug case

Law enforcement operates using a network of snitches whom police have already caught possessing, manufacturing and selling drugs. They pressure those they arrest to “roll over” on those farther up the ladder of their drug chain.

What role do snitches play in Missouri drug charges?

Law enforcement authorities can put tremendous people to “snitch” on others in exchange for the promise of a reduced sentences or other incentives. To snitch means to implicate, testify or provide other evidence against some. 

Arrested persons who provide such evidence against co-defendants and others accused of drug crimes often play a prominent role in these cases. 

What other options do you have?

Your options depend almost entirely on the circumstances of your case and your prior record. Few involved in the manufacture of meth or fentanyl qualify for drug court. So, where does that leave you?

If the prosecution has a weak case against you, you might decide to roll the dice on a criminal trial. If your conviction appears to be predetermined, you could seek a plea bargain. The problem is knowing which outcome would be the better choice.

Learning all you can about Missouri’s criminal justice system and its laws can help you make an informed decision about your St. Louis drug case.