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Most Dangerous Intersections in St. Louis

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Drunk Driving |

You’re hearing more and more about rising traffic injuries and deaths in the St. Louis metro, but particularly in St. Louis City. Recently, the St. Louis Post Dispatch published an article with an enlightening graphic depicting the most dangerous intersections in the city:

  • Goodfellow & I-70
  • Natural Bridge & Kingshighway
  • St. Louis Ave & I-70
  • Salisbury & I-70
  • Page/MLK & Grand
  • Natural Bridge & Union
  • Tucker & Cass
  • Washington & Broadway
  • Washington & I-44
  • Russell/Gravois & I-55

The “worst of the worst,” however, is Washington & Broadway:

The most recent statistics show that 126 people were injured, and one died, at this one intersection.

In a two-week span this year, six people were killed at these dangerous intersections, according to the Missouri Highway Patrol. In 2022, 78 people died in motor vehicle accidents in the city of St. Louis. Fully a quarter of those killed in motor vehicle accidents were victims of drunk drivers.

The same Post Dispatch article which published the graphic above detailed the trend toward fewer traffic stops and tickets issued. While our law firm vigorously condemns drinking and driving. we also understand mistakes can be made on both sides of the Breathalyzer: drivers can make the mistake of having “one too many”, then climbing behind the wheel, and police officers can make mistakes as well, including:

  • not having “probable cause” to pull over suspected drunk drivers (for example, randomly pulling over drivers leaving a bar at closing time instead of observing erratic driving)
  • not calibrating their Breathalyzer regularly, which can result in “false positives” (i.e. results which indicate a driver’s blood alcohol content is over the legal limit of .08% in Missouri when their BAC really isn’t)
  • not taking into consideration the interaction of certain drugs (with or without alcohol) with the Breathalyzer machine
  • …and a host of other mistakes

Again, Frank, Juengel & Radefeld is not condoning drunk driving. But we will vigorously fight DWI arrests that arise from mistakes made by police and prosecutors.

So if you’re planning on driving through any of these “most dangerous intersections” in the city of St. Louis, please take extra precautions, including keeping an eye out for pedestrians and other drivers. But wise drivers will also keep an eye out for the police, as they will almost certainly be keeping an eye out for you!