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The long-term consequences of a drug crime conviction

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Drug Crimes |

The consequences of a drug conviction can last for years after you have served jail time or paid any fines. It leaves imprints in your publicly-available data and criminal record, some of which can last a very long time.

You may have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the drug and amount in your possession. A misdemeanor will stay on your record for about three years, while a felony can remain for five years before you have a chance of expunging it. It may be available via online search years later.

Here are the effects of a drug crime conviction in the long term.

Effect on employment opportunities

 Many employers run background checks on the candidates they interview for different positions. A drug crime conviction may lower your chances of clinching that lucrative job opportunity in various disciplines such as commercial driving, legal, medical or any position where you will come into contact with children.

Eligibility for credit lines

Lending companies rate their potential customers according to how risky they are. You are likely to be classified as a high-risk client if you have a drug crime record. This will affect your ability to get a house, student, car or business loan. If you do get the loan, you may be asked to present far greater security than those without a criminal record.

The ability to rent a house

Like lenders, most landlords will run a background check before handing you the keys to their property. Among the things they would be seeking out is your criminal record. A drug crime record may make them apprehensive about your activities and the ability to make payments on time. This may make them unwilling to lease the property to you.

Child custody

If you are in a child custody battle with your spouse, a drug crime record may seriously impact the outcome. Your record might indicate to the court that you are a suitable parent who can keep a child safe and look out for their best interests.

A drug crime conviction will leave a lasting mark on your record that will continue to affect your life. It may impact your career progression, relationships with people around you, living situation and access to credit. In the digital era, there may be more information on your drug crime conviction on the internet, further complicating these issues.