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What steps should you take if you are falsely accused of a serious crime?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Criminal Law |

If you are falsely accused of a serious crime, the realization of the criminal charges brought against you can quickly send you into a tailspin. Confusion, anger, and shock are all common and justifiable feelings of individuals being charged with a crime that they did not commit. All too often we hear of individuals wrongly convicted of a crime only to be liberated after years imprisoned for the false charges and accusations made against them.  

Understand the severity of the charges you are facing

While you are certain of your innocence, that is not enough to ensure you are not further victimized and wrongfully convicted of a serious criminal offense. Serious crimes often carry potential lengthy punishments of incarceration. You must take the time to understand the criminal charges brought against you and the potential consequences these charges may carry.

Remain calm and begin gathering information and evidence critical to your case

There is no question that a false criminal accusation is a terrifying experience, but it is important to keep your emotions at bay when interacting with officers and prosecutors in your case. The actions taken by officers and prosecutors can be critical to the development of your defense in your case. Remain calm during all interactions so that you can keep an accurate record of everything that is said to you during this time. Do not answer questions or provide any information until you have obtained legal counsel or advice. Begin to prepare all information relevant to the case, as well as gather any and all evidence you believe may be helpful in your case.

Seek legal representation immediately

Do not hesitate when it comes to seeking legal representation. If you have any indication that you have been falsely accused of a crime or that charges have been brought against you, you must hire a lawyer as soon as possible. The earlier in your case that a lawyer on your behalf is involved, the higher the likelihood that your legal rights and interests will be protected throughout the process. 

Take legal action against those responsible 

There are many potential reasons or causes as to why false criminal charges have been filed against you. Whether it is intentional, false accusations by an accuser or the mishandling of your case and/or evidence by police and prosecutors, you may have certain legal remedies for the damage and distress you have suffered. 

Once you have been cleared of all false criminal charges, you can seek legal advice on the options available to you to take actionable steps against the individuals responsible for the accusations and charges against you.