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City clerk indicted for fraud and other white collar crimes

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Criminal Law |

Missourians who work in jobs in which they are charge of significant sums of money and account for it are often deemed responsible for shortfalls. If there are allegations of misappropriation, fraud and outright theft, they can face severe consequences legally, personally and professionally. White collar crimes might not be perceived as badly as assaults, burglaries, weapons charges and other theft-related allegations, but the penalties can be as harsh or worse. Having a strong legal defense can be crucial. It is especially important after an indictment.

Woman, 48, arrested and indicted for multiple white collar crime charges

A 48-year-old woman who worked as a city clerk was arrested on several charges related to financial misdeeds. She was recently indicted after her arrest. According to the prosecutors, the woman committed wire fraud and stole money from federal programs. The activities took place from January 2015 through July 2019. She is said to have written checks to herself and stole more than $317,000, using that money for personal use including paying her own expenses, traveling and providing money to members of her family. To avoid detection, she altered the financial reports to reflect the balances that were supposed to be there.

Understanding white collar criminal accusations and lodging a defense

People often categorize white collar crimes as having to do with stocks, investments and business dealings that turn out to be Ponzi schemes. Of course, these will result in charges, but other behaviors might lead to white collar criminal allegations. That may include various forms of fraud with a mortgage, taxes, Social Security and unemployment. It can also be linked to bribery or, like this case, embezzlement. A conviction may not only lead to jail time and fines, but this type of conviction can negatively impact a person’s future endeavors even after they have paid their debt to society. A viable defense is imperative.

People may have personal challenges or issues that led to them making a mistake with money available to them. They could have been involved in a larger scheme that involves others and there are alternatives to reduce the charges. Or they might even be innocent. Before moving forward and making the situation worse, it is beneficial to have legal advice from the start. Consulting with a firm that is experienced in criminal defense for white collar crimes may be able to help.