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Accused of homicide? Get a strong defense in order

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Criminal Law |

When someone loses their life, it’s normal for the prosecution to try to find someone to hold accountable. If that individual is you, you need to defend yourself as soon as possible. Homicide charges can significantly tarnish your reputation and hurt your personal and professional life.

When you’re accused of homicide, your attorney will start going over the case with you piece by piece. Your attorney will go over the facts and evidence that the prosecution and police collected, but they will also begin their own investigation. Your attorney will speak with all witnesses, review the actual crime scene when possible and look for evidence that will benefit you.

It’s important for your defense attorney to be active in your case and to have a hands-on approach. By getting involved, they can learn more about your case and understand the scenario that may have led to the other person’s death, whether or not you were involved. Your attorney will also take a look at any physical or mental health conditions that may have an impact on the case. For example, if the individual was stabbed in the neck and is very tall, it might be difficult for a smaller individual to have killed them. Using information like this, it’s possible to discredit the prosecution and to create doubt in the jury so that you have a better opportunity to have the case against you dropped or the penalties reduced.

Your attorney’s job is to protect your best interests. Our website has more on what a defense attorney can do for you if you’re accused of committing a homicide and are facing charges.