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Voters focus on important matter for convicted criminal offenders

We note a key point concerning the long-enduring consequences of a criminal record on our website at the established St. Louis criminal defense law firm of Frank, Juengel & Radefeld. We state therein that, "A criminal charge on your record creates not only current legal anguish, but can work against you far into the future."

That is a flat fact voiced by proven legal counsel rather than an opinion. Indeed, defendants often lament the lasting stigma and challenges thrown up by a conviction, especially in the wake of sentences already served.

Offenders seeking to reassimilate into their communities following sentence completion often find a series of doors closed to them. Some can't get past the resume-submission stage at a workplace. Others are denied the chance to serve in the military or receive educational funding. Some are subjected to ongoing monitoring.

And some can't vote, including in Missouri.

That latter proscription is spotlighted in a recent article, but with a positive spin. The piece points to a legal amendment just approved by Florida residents that restores voting right to individuals who have completed sentences tied to felony convictions. The new law applies to all such individuals except for those convicted on felony sex charges or murder. Well more than one million people are reportedly affected by the change.

The move was clearly welcomed in a broad-based way, with the amendment receiving enthusiastic support from a wide and diverse coalition of groups. At its core, it underscores public sentiment that people truly do deserve a fresh start once they have fully complied with their criminal sentencing obligations.

Attorneys at Frank, Juengel & Radefeld work tirelessly and passionately on behalf of individuals charged with crimes. We know how critically important focused and knowledgeable legal advocacy is to their lives, and make every effort to maximally mitigate the downsides of criminal charges.

We welcome contacts to the firm to discuss our proven defense representation.

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