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Man committed murder after significant pressure from girlfriend

When violent crimes are committed, one of two outcomes may sometimes happen: first, investigators may spend weeks, months or even years trying to track down a suspect and the perpetrator may never be found. Second, investigators may immediately find the person responsible for the crime, but the evidence may point to another person who played a more significant role in masterminding the crime. In these situations, both parties may be charged with their involvement in the crime in Missouri. 

In a case that captured national attention, a man and woman were charged with murdering the woman's mother in what appeared to be a plot to live out their fantasy relationship that was highly secretive. However, it was not discovered until investigators began taking a closer look into the woman's complicated and fictitious upbringing that they realized that the story was much darker than previously understood. 

The woman's mother had what doctors describe as Munchausen by proxy where she lied to family, friends and medical professionals about health conditions that her daughter did not have. As a result, the woman suffered extensive surgeries and medical treatments to remedy problems she never had. After suffering years of abuse and secretly meeting a man in an online dating scene, the woman convinced the man to help her murder her mother so she could escape her abuse. The man followed through with his girlfriend's requests and murdered her mother. The man's defense team maintained that he had autism and was heavily influenced by his girlfriend to commit the heinous crime. Recently, he was found guilty of the crime and sentenced to life in prison. 

If people have committed a crime and are trying to lessen their punishment by proving their innocence, they may benefit from the guidance of an attorney. Legal professionals may be able to uncover facts that represent their client in a more positive light. 

Source: Yahoo!, "He Murdered His Girlfriend's Munchausen Mom After She 'Talked Him Into It' to Stop Her Abuse," Harriet Sokmensuer, Nov. 16, 2018

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