Court-ordered anger management may benefit perpetrators

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2018 | Violent Crimes |

When perpetrators of violent crimes in Missouri are caught and under scrutiny, they often face significant charges depending on the severity of their offense. Consequences may range from fines and restitution to a prison sentence that requires a perpetrator to serve many, many years behind bars. In some instances, courts may require offenders to take an anger management course to help them learn how to control their emotions in a way that is healthy, safe and non-destructive. 

While this may seem like a petty requirement to some, there can be great value for people who choose to go into their therapy with an open mind and a willingness to change.  According to, for some perpetrators of violent crimes, completing an anger management course may be enough to keep them from going to jail or at the very least, reduce the amount of time they spend behind bars. Additionally, it is a chance for people to work with qualified professionals to overcome weaknesses and learn how to manage emotions without reacting dangerously or violently. 

An interesting article posted on USA Today shared that a majority of people who are accused of committing violent crimes are victims themselves or were at some point in their life. Their mistreatment may play a significant role in how they have learned to respond to situations in which they are challenged or faced with strong emotions. While punishments are often quite harsh, a bit more focus on helping these people heal and learn to manage their emotions may be a more successful alternative to reducing the number of offenders who repeat past behavior.