Push for lower BAC tolerance after fatal accident

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

The decision to drink and drive has considerably more dangerous consequences than many people realize at first thought. While some may see their decision as one that will only negatively affect them, if they fail to make responsible decisions because their thinking is impaired, they can create chaos which may result in serious harm or death to anyone in their immediate surrounding. While Missouri has a restriction on the amount of alcohol that is considered tolerable before driving, those laws are sometimes questioned when accidents continue to happen. 

In a recent story, a young couple has spoken about their desire to lower the blood alcohol content levels in an effort to minimize the temptation for people to drink and drive. Their quest began when their toddler son was fatally injured when the stroller he was being pushed in was slammed into by a drunk driver. The accident was caused when a woman, with a BAC exceeding legal limitations, crashed into the young boy and his 15-year-old aunt who were walking. The impact broke the boy’s stroller into two pieces. 

Citing the need for a higher level of awareness and responsibility from drivers, the couple is working readily with the California Highway Patrol to pass tougher laws regarding lower BAC tolerance. Their hope is that a lower legal limit will encourage drivers to avoid drinking and driving at all. The couple sees the change as one that is relatively easy to make, but one that will have considerable impact on the frequency of drunk driving accidents. 

If people have been accused in a drunk driving accident, they may wish to contact an attorney for help. A legal professional may be able to provide some protection and will see that a fair trial is accessible. 

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