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Matthew Radefeld & Dan Juengel

Missouri’s annual DWI/DUI campaign now in progress

| Aug 21, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

If you’re a novice Missouri motorist, it’s possible that you are not aware of the various behind-the-wheel educational and enforcement campaigns that state officials periodically conduct on state roadways.

Conversely, and if you’re a more seasoned driver, you hardly need to be reminded of such here-we-go-again initiatives. For you, Click it or Ticket needs no explanation. Ditto for Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.

We reference that latter enterprise in today’s post, since the Drive Sober campaign typically occurs each year during the period immediately surrounding the Labor Day holiday. If you’ve been around the proverbial block a time or two, you know well what Drive Sober is all about.

Centrally, that is this: magnified scrutiny from state patrol troopers and police officers all across Missouri over an approximate two-week period. Their focus is on inebriated drivers, with the ultimate goal being to secure an impressively high DWI/DUI conviction rate.

Missouri motorists might reasonably want to at least figurately circle in their minds the dates August 17 – September 3. For your collective reference, the annual Drive Sober crackdown (a truly national initiative) kicked off last Friday.

What that most prominently signifies is a notable increase in roving/saturation police patrols, expanded use of sobriety checkpoints and, as noted above, enforcers’ desire to criminally convict as many Missouri motorists as possible.

Here’s something to mull over: Last year’s Drive Sober thrust yielded 242 drunk driving arrests across the state. Police officials are likely using that figure as a baseline arrest/convict threshold to exceed this year.

Although conscientious motorists of course strive to drive safely in Missouri at all times during the year, we suspect that they nonetheless appreciate timely reminders of events like Drive Sober.

Drive carefully out there. Lives depend on it. Moreover, the downsides relevant to a drunk driving conviction in Missouri can be multiple and severe.

Questions or concerns regarding a drinking-and-driving criminal charge in Missouri can be directed to proven legal counsel at an established St Louis criminal defense law firm.