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After changes to law, man’s DNA links him to murders

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2018 | Violent Crimes |

When a violent crime occurs, it is the job of investigators to piece together evidence and gather witness reports to try and rebuild a story that will help them in detecting who is responsible for committing the dangerous acts. However, there are times when clues are hard to come by, witness statements do not match up or limitations in the law make it virtually impossible to link anyone with violent crimes in Missouri.

When a case goes cold because evidence is hard to come by or because investigators have exhausted all leads, sometimes many years go by before a break in the case is made. In other scenarios, a case may go unsolved altogether. In an interesting story out of Nevada, a recent change in a state law lead to a chain of events that ultimately incriminated a prisoner in several murders that were committed over 30 years ago. The changes in the law enabled investigators to gather DNA evidence from a prisoner who they had suspected was linked to a series of killings in 1984.

Once the DNA was acquired, it was found to be a match in four cold case murders, including one where three family members were murdered in what was found to be a home invasion. At the time of his conviction, the man was currently serving time in a correctional facility in Nevada. It is unknown when he will face the charges in court or what his subsequent punishment will be.

If people have been charged with a violent crime, it may be in their best benefit to contact a reliable attorney who can help facilitate the process of defending their case in a court setting. With a third-party in their defense, they may have a better chance at receiving a fair sentencing.

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