New Missouri Expungement law gives second chances.

In 2018 a new law went into effect that will allow most felonies and nearly all misdemeanors and municipal ordinance violations to be expunged. The old expungement law allowed for very little to be expunged. Under the new law most offenses can be expunged with the exception of dangerous felonies, sex offenses, domestic violence offenses, and some stealing or firearms related crimes. For felonies, the offenses can be expunged 7 years after the completion of a prison sentence or a probation period, and for misdemeanors/ordinances the period is 3 years after fine, jail or probation is completed.

The biggest change has been for those with drug offenses on their record. Almost all drug offenses can be expunged. I recently had the pleasure of standing next to a man in court as the judge expunged his nearly 20 year old drug conviction. He had pled guilty to distributing drugs, a serious offense. But over the years he had become a hardworking, taxpaying, law abiding man. But his past conviction kept him from many employment opportunities. With the new law he was finally able to expunge his record. Having that conviction struck from his public record was a great relief. As we left the courtroom he was in tears. Finally, he could move on from his past.

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