Facing marijuana drug charges in Missouri: drug court

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The last article discussed the different types of charges for marijuana possession. Sometimes the users of marijuana and other controlled substances have an addiction and would benefit more from help than confinement.

The courts recognize this and have put additional measures in place that can help such people recover and become productive members of society. Drug court is a strong component to these efforts.

Drug court

Drug court is an alternative means of sentencing that helps to rehabilitate drug users rather than simply imprison them. For those who get a chance to go to drug court, the court and prosecutor work with them to set up a treatment program to meet their needs. The program lasts between one and two years and includes different elements, such as:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Drug testing
  • Educational programs
  • Court with the Drug Court Commissioner

Participants stay in rehabilitation facilities throughout the program. By the end of the program, the hope is that the guilty parties are able to overcome their addiction and transition back into society.

Program requirements

As part of the program, there are a few requirements that participants must meet. Along with actively attending counseling sessions, participants must go to 12-step meetings that coincide with their addiction. Those who have jobs must maintain them, and those who do not must go through education or vocational programs to develop their skills and aid in securing work in the future.


One of the main requirements to qualify for this program is that the offender requires substance abuse treatment. Though most participants are nonviolent offenders, the offense must be a felony charge. In some cases, it may be a probationary term for those at the end of their sentence.

This is a brief overview of drug court. For those facing drug charges, it may be beneficial to discuss the possibility of attending drug court. Understanding the concept can help in selecting the best course of action.