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4 good reasons to hire a lawyer for a criminal matter

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2015 | Criminal Law |

1) Criminal law can be difficult.

Many attorneys will tell you that criminal matters are best handled by a professional. A very solid case can quickly deteriorate without the support from a trained and experienced defense lawyer. From plea bargains to court filings, and from deadlines to proper legal documentation – a criminal matter can be very multifaceted. One late filing could disrupt your case, compromise a legal procedure or encourage the court to rule against you. For this reason, you should not hire just any attorney, but you should retain a lawyer with a solid criminal law background.

If you are considering handing your case pro se, think again. You are emotionally involved. A lawyer with ample litigation experience can help drive the case without letting personal matters get in the way. This is especially true for cases involving loved ones, such as domestic violence.

2) Without a professional defense attorney, you may pay more.

The result of a criminal case may determine your fate. Are you going to spend time behind bars? Will you need to pay fines? This all may depend on the outcome of your matter. Did you accept a plea bargain for a lesser charge? Was your sentence reduced? It depends on the diligence of your lawyer. A solid attorney can mean fewer consequences and more money in your pocket.

3) Lawyers know how to suppress bad evidence.

In many cases, the end result turns on the admission of evidence. While an evidentiary hearing does not dictate the ruling of your criminal case, it definitely can affect the outcome. If a key piece of evidence was illegally obtained, such evidence could be omitted from trial. Moreover, if evidence was not adequately protected or stored in accordance with the law, it could be comprised and insufficient for court review. Ultimately, a strong defense attorney can ensure that your case is protected and all evidence against you is validated, in line with your constitutional rights.

4) A criminal attorney can help bring about the best possible outcome.

Sometimes, a plea bargain is the way to go. Other times, it is best to drive a case through trial, as evidence is minimal for the prosecution. If you are not sure which way to proceed, you can bet that an experienced defense attorney will know what to do. Lawyers are trained negotiators. They will do whatever they can to ensure a fair outcome, given the circumstances.

If you are wondering what to do after being slapped with criminal charges, consider legal assistance. You do have options, and a lawyer will help get you the best option for your circumstances.