Being accused of a crime is always something to be taken seriously, but facing charges related to child-pornography certainly adds an additional layer of complexity. St. Louis residents facing charges for alleged sex offenses can take steps, however, to ensure that their impending criminal trial is fair.

Not long ago, a man from the St. Louis area was recently accused of such sex crimes and is likely working to prepare a defense. The man was charged in federal court with one count of producing child pornography, which is a felony. Shortly after being charged, the court indicted him on the felony charge.

Federal prosecutors claim that the man photographed himself engaging in inappropriate acts and producing photos. According to police reports, these acts allegedly took place during the month of April 2012.

A news report also indicated that the man is the lead vocalist and drummer for a heavy metal band that performs in costume. The man told the court that he makes a living working for a shower and bath refinishing service.

This type of charge is likely to be pursued aggressively by prosecutors, due to their sensitive nature. Furthermore, the general public will likely be pushing for a swift conviction and heavy criminal penalties.

Keeping in mind how the public is likely to react to these accusations, it will be vital to ensure that the trial is fair and the jury is impartial. Maintaining an unbiased court is a cornerstone of the criminal justice and goes a long way in ensuring that accused individuals remain innocent until proven otherwise. By remaining vigilant, a defendant’s attorney can sure their rights are upheld.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Collinsville man who dresses as evil clown accused of producing child porn,” Robert Patrick, Oct. 23, 2012