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Defenders Of The Accused
Matthew Radefeld & Dan Juengel

Missouri man arrested in connection with rape from 1999

| Nov 19, 2012 | Rape |

A Missouri man was arrested by the University of Missouri Police Department and accused of felony forcible rape, felony burglary and felony forcible sodomy in connection with an incident that happened on campus 13 years ago. According to police, a female student sleeping in her unlocked dormitory room was wakened early in the morning by a man who then perpetrated a sexual assault on her. Police say that they were able to collect DNA evidence from the clothing of the alleged victim in this case.

Investigators were not immediately able to link the DNA in the sample to a specific person. A DNA sample was taken from the man after he was convicted of second-degree sexual misconduct in 2010. The Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Lab notified the university police that the man’s DNA was a match with the sample taken in 1999. According to papers filed with the court, when the police interrogated the man on November 7, 2012, he stated that he had entered the dormitory and had non-consensual intercourse with the woman.

In a cold case, such as this, where physical evidence may be lacking, it is important to remember that when the police arrest a person, it is a good idea for the accused to assert their right to remain silent and the right to speak to an attorney. This will prevent the person from making a false confession, which can do a great deal of harm to the person’s case. It’s also important to remember that past arrests are not necessarily an indicator of guilt in subsequent charges. As time passes, evidence may be less reliable. In all cases, the accused person should make sure to protect their rights through a strong defense.

Source: Columbia Daily Tribune, “MU police make arrest in 1999 rape case,” Brennan David, Nov. 8, 2012