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Ex-Cub Scout leader facing child pornography charges

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2012 | Child Pornography |

Defending oneself against sexual offenses can be a tall task in Missouri. When allegations are made involving children, the task gets all the tougher. A man from Ballwin, Missouri, who was a Cub Scout leader will now find that out for himself.

The man, whose Cub Scout leader license was revoked after the charges were made public, was charged with several counts including first-degree promotion of child pornography and possession of child pornography. The man successfully underwent a criminal background check before he was placed into his leadership position by the Cub Scouts.

As with anyone accused of a crime, the man will be entitled to a trial and to hear the case against him in open court. However, he will need to have experienced representation, because child pornography defense strategies require a strong case to be made for the defendant.

Currently the man is out of jail, as he was released on a cash-only bond of $200,000. The judge in the case ordered the man to not have any contact with any children under the age of 17. Obviously he will no longer be able to be a scout leader.

It remains to be seen, if the man is acquitted of the charges against him, if he will be able to resume his position of authority where children are involved. The reality of being charged with a sex crime — even if there is no conviction — is that leading a normal life can be challenging. However, the man should remember that merely being charged does not mean he is guilty. Many people have been acquitted of such crimes and gone on to regain their place in society.

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