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Defenders Of The Accused
Matthew Radefeld & Dan Juengel

Camera allegedly ties Missouri man to child pornography ring

| Mar 6, 2012 | Child Pornography |

A Missouri man faces charges of promoting child pornography after federal agents allegedly connected images found in other states to a camera found in the man’s home by local police officers. The man is also charged with first-degree invasion of privacy for manufacturing obscene material of a nude child in a shower.

If he were to be convicted of the charges, the man could face up to 19 years in prison: 15 years for the pornography charge and another four on the invasion of privacy charge.

The investigation into the alleged crimes took place not only in Missouri but in Colorado and California as well. Last summer, a man in Denver confessed to molesting children and creating child pornography. Images found at the man’s home allegedly included photos of two men with three young girls, and investigators determined the images had been taken with a particular camera.

A few months later in San Diego, FBI agents searched another home and found paperwork regarding the same camera. The man at the home said he had given the camera to the Missouri man. Ultimately, officers in Missouri searched the home of the man now charged and found the camera allegedly used to take the photographs.

While charges such as child pornography are treated very seriously in Missouri, the mere fact that the man has been charged does not mean he is guilty. There may be several pieces of evidence that have not been revealed, and the man will have a chance to defend himself in court.

Source: Fox 4 Kansas City, “Northland Man Charged in Child Porn Ring,” Jason M. Vaughn, Feb. 23, 2012